Dec 5, 2009

Pen stand with shells

Materials Needed:- Shells, a round size cardboard for base, fevicol, any fabric color, paintbrush.

1. First take a cardboard of rounded shape for base.

2. Now, take sea shells and start pasting around thatbase.

3. Take care while pasting shells around the base it may be bit

4. You can have the rows as per your requirement.

5. Now after pasting dry it for a day.

6. At last you can give the dry brush strokes of any fabric color.

Tip:- While pasting shells on base after every row make shells to dry for some time.

Nov 7, 2008

Painting With Vegetables

MATERIALS NEEDED: Cloth/paper, Fabric paints, brush, capsicum, ladies finger, knife.


1. First take capsicum and cut it into half by using knife.

2. Now take the paint brush and apply fabric paint of your choice on the brim(coners) of the capsicum.

3. Now punch the painted capsicum on cloth/paper to make petals of a flower.

4. Now cut the ladies finger length wise to make leaves.

5. Now punch it on cloth around the flowers.

6. If you cut the ladies finger breath wise you can make small flowers.

By using these painting you can make greeting cards also.

May 19, 2008

Decorating a stone

MATERIALS NEEDED: A stone, fabric colors, kundans, seed beads, fabric glue.


1. First take the stone and paint it with any fabric color. For more shining you can use pearl colors.

2. Now after some time take the kundans of big size and paste it on the middle of the stone using fabric glue.

3. Now again take the seed beads and paste it around the kundans like sun rays.

4. This can be one of your show piece.

TIP: Instead of seed beads you can also use sequences(chemki)used for embroidery. Kundans, fabric glue, sequences(chemiki) will be available in fancy stores.

May 12, 2008

Water Painting

MATERIALS NEEDED: A dish of water, fabric colors,paper or cloth, paint brush.


1. First take fabric color of your choice and sprinkle some drops of color in dish of water using paint brush.

2. Do this process for two to three colors. You can also use how many colors you need.

3. Now take the cloth or paper and dip it in the dish of water where colors are sprinkled.

4. Now remove the cloth or paper from dish of water.

5. You can see the desired design is formed.

This is an easy and fun crafts for kids.

May 4, 2008

How to make greeting cards in home

MATERIALS NEEDED: A chart paper, smilee stickers,golden tape.


1. First take a chart paper and fold it half and cut it.

2. Now take the half part and again fold it into half.

3. Now take the golden tape and paste it on the borders.

4. Now take the smilee stickers and paste it where ever you need.

5. Now inside the card you can write your message.

6. Hence your greeting card is ready.

You can also do this greeting card with hand made paper also.

Apr 29, 2008

Decorating skeleton leaves

MATERIALS NEEDED:Skeleton leaf, small round shaped mirrors, colorful tube beads and seed beads,fevicol/glue.


1.Take skeleton leaf and color it by using fabric paint if u need or you can do this craft without coloring also.

2.Now take small round shaped mirror and paste in middle of the leaf.

3.After that take some tube beads and paste around the mirror.

4.You can also paste seed beads randomly.


Peepal leaf is best for this type of crafts.

Apr 22, 2008


MATERIALS NEEDED: Old bangles of various colors, cardboard, fevicol/glue.


1.First take a bangle and apply fevicol on it. After applying fevicol take other bangle and paste on it.

2.Follow this procedure upto the desired height you need.

3.Now take the cardboard of round shape.It must be the size of the bangle you take.

4.Now take the bangles and paste it on the cardboard.

5.After that dry it for sometime . Hence your penstand with bangles is ready.


While doing this the bangles must be of metalbangles so that it wont break. An can be for a long time.

Apr 14, 2008

How To Make Skeleton Leaves.

1. Choose leaves which have strongly-defined veins, such as a magnolia or rubber tree.For beginners it is better to take maple leaves.
2. Dry and press the leaves in an old telephone book.
3. Make a strong solution of Washing Soda and soak the dried leaves in it until the flesh becomes pulpy.
4. Rinse in clean water and gently brush away the pulp with an old toothbrush.


1. Firstly choose a leaf and place it in a water for 40-45 days. You should change the water for every 2-3 days and remove the pulp. Now after 40-45 days take the leaves and place it in a soft cloth and slowly remove the excess pulp.

2. Place selected green leaves in a pot with 1 tsp Bicarb and 1 tsp Baking Powder and cover with water. Boil and reduce to a low heat. Stir gently from time to time. Once leaves have softened, rub off flesh gently. When complete, bleach the leaves and leave to dry on paper towels.Select strong ones for crafts i.e.. mobiles, cards, ect!

Jan 16, 2008

Paper Flower

Materials needed:One wooden skewer stick, glue,green,blue and pink color papers.


1. First seven petals from pink paper and keep aside for sometime.

2. Now take strip of blue paper and apply glue and wrapp around the skewer stick.

3. Now leave it for sometime

4. Now apply glue on bottom of the blue paper and start pasting the petals.

5. After pasting the petal roll the paper around the skewer so that the glue holds it.

6. In this way complete pasting all petals

7. Now cut the green paper and apply glue to the first end of the stick and start wrapping the paper.

8. After that cut the excess part.

9. Now you can also add leaves if you like.

10. Hence your flower is ready.

Dec 21, 2007

Easy Craft With Egg

MATERIALS NEEDED:A plastic egg, acrylic paints, sequences, fevicol/glue.


1.First take the plastic egg and paint it with your own color.

2.After painting dry it for some time.

3.Now take the sequences and start pasting on the painted plastic egg by using fevicol/glue.

4.After pasting dry it for some time.

5.Hence your egg decoration is ready.

TIP:Instead of sequences you can use any decorative items.